Festival Cleaning

Make sure that your event is the talking - point not the dirty toilets or litter bugs

Festival and event cleaners have to be great at being part of a team. That is why we work during the night and during the day both before the festival or event takes place and during the breakdown of the venue once it’s finished, so that it’s ready for your next customer.

Daybreak have extensive experience of festival and event cleaning and can offer you festival cleaning services to you exact needs whether that be one person in attendance at a small dog show to a team of 40 or 50 staff required to clean the venue and maintain the appearance of a large show such as Gardening Scotland, Truckfest or The Scootish Bike Show.

So whether it’s a toilet attendant, litter picker or full team of cleaners before, during and after the festival or event takes place we can provide the all the staff you need when you need them.

Call us for a chat about how we can help on 0800-122-3084